Rolling Garage Door

We all are aware that the garage doors can be of several different types. One such door is the Rolling steel doors. Since these garage doors made of steel roll in the upward direction they are so named. These doors have numerous uses which include the commercial, residential and even the industrial sectors. Here is some detailed description about the rolling steel doors.

Types of Roll up Steel Garage Doors

The roll-up steel garage doors are mainly of two types. The first one is the sectional door that usually consists of four or more horizontal panels that are attached together. These doors roll up whenever you open them. The other category of the doors is the rolling steel doors. The doors in this case roll up and they rest at the top of the garage door on being opened.

The Kind of Materials used

The material most commonly used in case of most of the type of rolling garage doors are steel, wood, fiberglass and aluminum. Steel is the toughest material of them all.

The Benefits and Problems of the various Roll Up Doors

If you consider only the cost factor of a roll up door, then it is definitely going to be expensive than others. Nevertheless, they are popular because of the fact that they are convenient to use, durable and secure.

Another advantage of these roll up garage doors is that they ideally suit different types of homes and even house that have space constraints and also those that have narrow driveways. Now if you choose the nice natural aesthetic appeal then you can opt for wooden doors. However, the only problem with the wooden roll up garage doors is that they warp easily and they crack easily. They are prone to extreme weather conditions and even to the termite attacks as well. So the option would be to go for the garage door that is made out of steel. These doors are definitely sturdier and durable than the wooden doors. Again they are more resistant to the variation and changes in the weather. They even do not rust easily and are heavy duty enough to be safe.

The only disadvantage with the steel door is that they come at a higher price. The steel roll up doors are much costly than the wooden doors and they might make noise when being opened. Again steel is most durable and is relatively easy to maintain and is more resistant to the changes and variation in weather and is best suited for daily use. If you choose a door made of steel then you have several options to choose from. One is with vinyl cladding, the second is with rolled-on finished and the third is with wood-grain embossing. Another problem with steel made doors is that they dent very easily.

No matter which roll up doors you choose, they all should be attractive enough and easy to use since the garage is that part of the house which is visible to the outside world. Try doing a little market research before choosing a garage door. Take into account your interests and your likings and then purchase a garage door that suits best. Obviously when checking the prices of the various options available, you should always keep in mind the price of not only just the roll up doors but also for installation, hardware and maintenance.

Eight Easy Steps to Install a Door

Door installation is probably the most common home improvement project, and also one of the easiest. The installation process does not require you to be a trained professional in replacing a basic door.

Easy Steps that Will Tell you How to Install a Door

  1. Firstly, you need to decide where you want to install the hinges. Install hinges according to where you want the door to open, left or right.
  2. Mark the spots where you would like to install the hinges on the door frame. Generally, hinges are installed 10 inches from the door frame’s bottom, and 5 inches from the top.
  3. If you are installing new hinges, mark the spots, and if you are replacing the hinges, then remove the existing ones first. You will need a hammer to first free the old hinges.
  4. Make the outline of the hinge onto the door frame by using a pencil or marker. Mark the width and height clearly.
  5. Mark the areas where you want to place the screws. Most of the hinge packages or kits include their own screws, which makes the marking and installation process easier.
  6. Use a hammer and chisel to make a depression within the outlined marks on the door frame.
  7. Screw the hinges in their respective places. If done properly, the hinges will be held firmly and be at level with the door frame. Screw all the hinges in the same manner.
  8. Connect the two halves of the hinges with the help of a hinge pin. This will secure the door to the door frame. It is better to start by attaching the top hinges and then proceed to the bottom ones.

Well, Congrats! You have installed the door! Like I said, Door installation is a rather easy process!